Progress of the portal during the last 10 months


For your attention we provide the latest platform statistics and news. Read more.. continues to grow


Some time has already passed since we last published the statistics and news of our platform. Read more..

Terms and Conditions for the promotion of children's products


Opportunity - get up to 30 EUR for your ads for children's products. Register your profile on and place your clothing ad on our portal. Read more..

Clothing campaign rules


There is no opportunity like this - receive up to 30EUR for your posted clothing advertisement. Read more..

Beta testing phase results


The beta testing phase on the platform has been completed. During this phase, the portal has gained recognition, showing a significant increase in its activity. Read more.. beta testing phase begins


We’re happy to announce that alpha testing on the platform is completed, and we’re now entering the final stage – beta testing. During the first stage of testing, we received user feedback on the functionality of the portal and any errors; we then implemented the feedback and improved the platform. Read more..

Alpha testing stage of the project


We have launched the test version of our website, and are inviting you to be a part of it. Don’t let the word “test” scare you – all it means is that we are still working on improving functionality and making everything as easy and clear as possible. Read more..