Terms and Conditions for the promotion of children's products

Opportunity - get up to 30 EUR for your ads for children's products. Register your profile on Dalder.lv and place your clothing ad on our portal.

Start: 03/08/2021.

Term: 2 weeks

Fee: 0.30 EUR per 1 posted ad.

Payment method: money transfer to the personal account of the portal user in Latvia.

Pay-out limit per person: 30 EUR.

Campaign pay-out limit: 500 EUR.


  1. The product is real (on sale) and is genuine.
  2. The product corresponds to the Children's Clothing, Children's Shoes or Children's Toys sections.
  3. If the item is sold, you must click the "Hide" button next to the corresponding ad in your user profile (payment remains).
  4. Only one failure to comply with the rules excludes any remuneration.


Drawing up ads:

  1. An ad contains only 1 new or little-used item (no signs of wear). Be sure to indicate this in the description.
  2. Each photo is of high quality, without collages, real (not from catalogues or the Internet). The product must be clearly visible - hung on a hanger or placed on a neutral background. Maximum 1 "selfie".
  3. It is forbidden to advertise other sites in any form: logo, watermarks, links, etc.


Getting the remuneration:

  1. An application for payment must be sent from the email specified in the user profile to sales@dalder.lv.
  2. The email must contain: name, surname, link to user profile/link to ad, number of ads, amount to be paid, account number.
  3. Payment to applicants will be made after the end of the campaign (21.03.2021) within one week.


Campaign organizers may change the rules governing the actual placement of user products during the campaign.