Clothing campaign rules

There is no opportunity like this - receive up to 30EUR for your posted clothing advertisement.

Full terms of the campaign:

Start date: 05.10.2020

Duration: 2 weeks

Fee: per 1 published clothing advertisement – EUR 0,30

Method of payment: bank transfer to the user’s personal bank account in Latvia.

Payout limit per person: EUR 30

Campaign payout limit: EUR 500



  1. The item is real (is being sold) and authentic.
  2. If the item is sold, the user must press the “Hide” button on their user profile by the corresponding ad (the payout remains).
  3. Failure to comply with as little as 1 condition will disqualify from receiving any reimbursement.


Ad format:

  1. Only 1 new or gently-used item (without signs of wear) per ad; indicating this information in the description field is mandatory.
  2. Each photo must be high quality, no collages, and real (not taken from catalogues or downloaded online). The item must be clearly visible – either hung on a hanger or placed on a neutral background. 1 selfie max.
  3. Any advertising from other portals (logo, watermarks, links, etc.) is strictly forbidden.


Receiving the reimbursement:

  1. The payout application must be sent from the e-mail specified on the user's profile to
  2. The e-mail must include the name, surname, user profile link/advertisement link, number of ads, amount to be paid, bank account number.
  3. Payments to applicants will be made after the end of the campaign (date) within 1 week.