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A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document that reflects information about one's professional experience, education, skills and interests. By means of a well-created CV, the job-seeker will have the opportunity to gain a position higher in the labour market and get the desired position.

Here the user can create their CV quickly and easily, including all the necessary information. The menus generated automatically will allow you not to miss important information and fill all the data in accurately.

Your CV will remain saved online, so if you make changes, you won't have to save multiple confusing files. Also, the prospective employer will not need to download a pile of files – just the link to your CV will suffice.

Why create my CV at the website

*Visually appealing design
*CV can be created in 3 languages – Latvian, Russian, English
*Logical structure of the CV – no need to be puzzled as what to include
*The sections are pre-made, so the user can fill in the CV quickly and easily
*All the basic principles of creating a CV are automatically followed
*Data can be entered automatically
*The most important information about yourself cannot be missed
*The ready CV can then be stored in the cloud and access can be granted by sharing a link to it, instead of storing files on your computer

What is the purpose of a CV?

The main goal is to demonstrate the employer that the specific position is a logical step in the path of your chosen career. CV should create the desire to meet you in an interview! It is also important to keep in mind what is not the purpose of your CV – it is NOT meant to describe what kind of job you are looking for. The CV should reflect exactly why you are the best candidate for the job and what value your skills will bring to the new job.

Why is it important to create a well-thought-out CV?

If you are the best candidate, your skills and character as well as work experience, education and any other additional information should prove this to the readers of your CV. This means that the CV should include data that is relevant, appropriate and useful to the employer, omitting unnecessary and non-work-related details. A well-thought-out CV not only shows your achievements, but also highlights your future potential – and that's exactly what your employer wants to see.

Creating your CV

Dalder offers an improved Curriculum Vitae online – it is more nuanced and thought-out. If it is unclear how to write a CV correctly or a CV sample is required, the document prepared here clearly shows both the form and content of the CV. A sample CV is available in Latvian, as well as in English and Russian. There are both auto-complete fields where menu options are already prepared, as well as manual sections. Automatic menus provide general information, but the user can tell more about his/her personality and character directly in the blank fields without using ready-made templates.

We will always make sure that you can get the best possible description of your personality or CV directly from us!

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